"People say he is disgusting, but he is my dream man" Slim woman says as she shows off fiance

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According to a news that was posted by Linda Ikeji Blog this evening, it has been alleged that a young woman has traveled half the world, all the way from her country Australia, to the United Kingdom, in order to be with her plus size fiance, who people are always criticizing because of his fat body.

In a Tiktok video she made, Sienna Keera revealed it that her fiance, George Keywood, despite having big belly still remains her dream man because, she has always liked fat men and detest slim men.

While George was reacting, he made it known that before himself and his fiance met each other, he revealed it that Keera had special likeness for fat men and that, many a time, people do troll his fiancee by calling her a gold digger but, he doesn't pay them any attention because, he really loves her.

More information revealed it that George Keywood is an actor who featured in BBC sitcom "People Just Do Nothing" and that, they have given birth to a baby boy.


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