New Month: Declare These Prayers To Begin The Month Of May


Hello children of the Almighty, we know in the beginning was God and the therefore the end is God because he is the creator of the universe..... therefore begin this new month with God by declaring this powerful prayer, that your life will never be the same again...

I predict that every unreasonable and impossible human being in your life is being divinely displaced from his secure position. I declare that ALL THINGS ARE WORKING TOGETHER FOR YOUR GOOD .Anything that TRUNCATES your existence has become a stepping stone to PROLONGING your life

Wicked tormentors all around you are being DISPLACED and REPLACED on a daily basis.You're far from the wickedness and oppression of Satan. You're not under the curse of starting and never finishing. God is supernaturally helping you to overcome your limitations

The value of your life is how much of God you carry.May you be a GOD CARRIER.The impact of your life is how much of Jesus Christ people see in you.May Jesus be in you.You're coming out of the groups of people who suffer from the spirit of FAMILIARITY. May nothing ever block you from meeting with the Saviours of the world,His name is Jesus Christ..May you be bombarded with many UNUSUAL BLESSINGS this week.May every step you take be blessing, prosperity and long life...... I say you are bless beyond bless. Where ever you are shout a big Amen...for your loudest Amen is what you receive this month.....