Tension Everywhere To Unvaccinated Kenyans Without Original Certificates As MoH Take This Action

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The government have been in high level to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic since it's strike to the Country. Many of the measures had been put in place to ensure the reduction of further spread of this deadly disease.

Today, the police has set example at Jomo Kenyatta International airport as several Kenyans got arrested while using COVID-19 vaccination certificated which according to reports where said to be fake and not original.

This has created tension among other Kenyans who have not been vaccinated and are using these fake certificate to show that they have been vaccinated.

The government still urge Kenyans who have not received the vacination to do so to control the spread of the COVID-19. On the same note, those producing fake Certificates are warned not to be found otherwise a serious action will be taken for such persons.

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