Nigeria Idol: Check Out The Contestants That Made It To The Top 8 And The One That Doesn't Make It

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It is another live show of the remaining nine contestants in the ongoing Nigerian Idol singing competition. This contest has featured more than 500 competitors who came to showcase their talent but were removed as the show get more intense. Unfortunately, one person was evicted on the 23rd of May 2021. Check out the contestants that made it to the next stage and the one competitor that left the race for others due to poor votes from supporters.

The contestants that are already in the next stage of the top 8 includes; Akunna, Faith Jason, Emmanuel, Daniel, Comfort, Francis, Kingdom, and Beyonce. 

Whereas, Clinton doesn't make it to the next level because of low votes. He is a good singer but his vote is not sufficient to save him from elimination. The other competitors scaled through because their fans voted massively for them. As the competition gets tougher and harder, it is pertinent that you keep your favorite singer on the show through your voting. 

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