8 things we missed on, in the Obama presidency?

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These are 8 things we missed on in the Obama administration

Former president of America Barack Obama is a well known figure in the world, as his influence on the world will never be forgotten, in his good deeds and his leadership as the head of the most powerful country on the planet and also being the first African black man to do so.

Though what made American's and the whole world fall in love with the man was his adorable family, and the one person that had most Americans ready their tweeter thumbs to comment was a young 7 old dad's girl Sasha Obama, so in part this focuses on the relationship between the American people and Sasha Obama and the 8 things we missed on.

1 Sasha is actually her nickname

For the entire duration of her father's presidency we all knew her as Sasha but in actually fact fast forward to 2017 when the truth came in an article stating that her full name is Natasha.

2 she had a near death experience when she was young

At the tender age of 3 Sasha contracted meningitis, a serious disease if not treated in the right way could lead to death, her father mentions it as one of the difficult times of his life as he had to watch his helpless daughter painfully going through spinal tap, that made me want to be a better father for her and that moment put everything into perspective in my life.

3 she is the youngest child to reside in the White house in over 50years

When her father was sworn in the office of the presidency of America Sasha was just 7 making her the youngest child of a sitting president since john Kennedy's children Carolina 3 and john 1 moved in the White house in 1961.

4 perks of being the first daughter

She has a lifetime free all excess pass to watch the Jones brothers in concert, given to her by the Jones brothers.

5 living life like a normal teen

Her parents made her work for her money as she had to find a job every summer holidays, she spent her time working at a takeout window at Nancy's a busy seafood restaurant in Martha's vineyard.

6 she had her own beanie baby

Ty.inc created these toys soon after Obama won the election, though they where highly contentious and had to have their names changed for security reasons most Americans still call the beanie babies as Sasha and Malia.

7 she is friends with Maisy Biden

Maisy Biden is vice president Joe Biden's granddaughter as they have been friends since Middle school attending Sidwell together they both played basketball and soccer.

8 she attends university in her father's home state

Whilst her father's alma mater's are Columbia and Harvard Universities respectively she decided to take a different route in chicago and attended the University of Michigan.

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