What Have We Done To Deserve This? Oliver Baker Shares A Post Of Someone Lamenting On Ghana's Future

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Fixthecountry Conveynor Oliver Barker-Vormawor has published a post from someone emotionally lamenting on the future of Ghana and it's youth. The post quizzed what we have done to deserve this.

A published post on Oliver Baker's Facebook page credited to Abdul Latif Issuful on Sunday, 3rd July 2022, reads;

“When i finished university in 1992 the hope for Ghana’s future was palpable, at least for some who saw it like me.

There was a sense of a dawn of a bright new day ahead. We were finally kicking a long standing military experiment out to a democratic dispensation that was going to be all we needed to develop in freedom."

The post continued that It was a very bitter pill to accept for some of us that those who fomented the military experiment were to be the first celebrants of the outdooring of our democracy. But if we had waited a decade under the military, a small price to pay was be patient and to hope for the best when the military men wore their newly minted suits for the first 4 year term of the fourth republic.

He lamented that Thirty years later we are now staring our retirement in the face with the children we gave birth to after this watershed left with no better fortunes nor even hope that theirs will be a better Ghana than the one we spent the last 5 decades observing- for most of us." He added.

"Any wonder that so many have abandoned living, waiting in hope to escape this dreadful mortal space for a hereafter, hence why it has become so easy for charlatans to package hope in the name of God for sale to the already penniless. What have we done to deserve this?"

If indeed there is hell and there is a God who is just, the hottest place will be reserved for those who have led us here." The post asserted.

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