How to trade "bitcoin" the foreign currency

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"bitcoin" is a currency that was created by a person not known who used the name "Satoshi Nakamoto" in 2009, the transactions made in the currency does not involve middlemen that are banks so the money invested here is not taxed, in western countries "bitcoin" is used to book a hotel and even for betting in gambling sites, the name "bitcoin" was quietly registered online in 2008 and two months later "bitcoin" was passed as currency

The currency runs via an independent software program, in a period of next 9 years, a sum of 21 million coins will be discharged, anyone can immediately make an online payment by sending or receiving money

There are several ways on which one can trade in the currency, for instance, there is an online site that offers this opportunity, go play store and download chipper cash application, though the application is mostly used for buying airtime to different Mobile networks, it has also provided where one can buy and sell a "bitcoin", the best time to buy a "bitcoin" is when the price is low, while the best time to sell your "bitcoin" is when the price has risen, the highest price the currency has reached is 4.2million and is expected to go more than that

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