3 Reasons Why BBI Final Ruling At The Supreme Court Might Take A Long Time To Be Out-Opinion

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The BBI appeal case three days hearing at the Supreme Court ended today at the Supreme Court and the head of the Judicial system Hon. Martha Koome stated clearly that they will give a notice on the date when they will give their final ruling on the BBI appeal case.

Many people might be asking themselves why the verdict is being pushed. These are the reasons why the verdict might take a little longer before being given:

1. Mutual Agreement Between The Six Judges.

The judges must have a special sitting between themselves and do voting on the bill before they give their verdict. Every judge gives his or her opinion on the bill before they come up with a consensus type of agreement. This might take long before they come up with one verdict.

2. Report Preparation.

After the ruling the judges are required to give the Reports on their verdict and preparation of the Reports of those who were opposing the bill and the appellants need time and this might be another reason for the delay of the verdict.

3. Constitutional frame work.

The Constitution gives judges adequate time to prepare the verdict without any limitations. The supreme court is the highest judicial court in Kenya and we must all know that their decision will be final and that is why the Constitution gives them a good time.

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