Thee Pluto Cuts Off His Signature Dread Locks (Photo)

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YouTuber and content creator Robert Ndegwa alias Thee Pluto cut off his signature dread locks today.

He announced the news on his social media by posting a video getting shaved on his Instagram stories.

In the evening, he posted a photo of the final look.

"Comments fupi fupi" He captioned the photo.

Most of his fans commented that he indeed looks great in short hair while some commented that they'll miss his beautiful dread locks.

Thee Pluto has had the dreadlocks on for 6 years. He started growing them in 2016, just a few months after converting to Islam.

Early this year, he gave a hint that he would do away with the dreads. He complained while vlogging with his girlfriend Felicity that he doesn't retouch them since every time he does, they feel tight and painful. He said that he only maintains them by cleaning them frequently, triming and shaping the side hairs which did not have the dreads.

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