Facts You Should Know About A Woman's Breast

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The breast is one of the most delicate organs of a woman's body. The breast is a very complex gland and certain facts are surrounding it. Some of them include; 

Studies have shown that sleeping on your side and also positioning a pillow under your breasts when sleeping can provide your breast with additional support. All women should take note of this sleeping position and adhere.


In history, studies have shown that the person with the biggest pair of breasts is Sheyla Hershey from Texas. This ensued after undergoing nine painful surgeries. Her current breasts size is 38K

Research has shown that the tiniest manipulation of a woman's breast can style her up. This applies to a large percentage of them.

Do you know why your breast tends to sag? Research has shown that once you start ageing, your breast becomes a fat bag and this will make it sag. Meanwhile, when you are young, your breast is full of milk glands, fats and collagen. This is something that you cannot prevent.

Research has shown that so many women are not bothered about breast cancer and this is not good. There may be various reasons for anything from being unaware or they may be scared that they really might have cancer. All women need to be careful about this. 

So many women assume the size of their breasts is either too big or small hence they are always disappointed with their breasts size. That is why some go through surgeries to enlarge them.

Research has shown that a woman's breasts cannot be proportional. So many women complain about this while staring at their breasts but this ought not to be so.



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