“He Forced Me To Take Pills To Avoid Pregnancy," 15 -Year -Old Class Seven Girl Tells Police


Police in Gatanga, Murang'a on Monday arrested a 34-year-old man who took advantage of long Covid-19 period to turn his 15-year-old niece into his wife. The man is also accused of forcibly administering family planning pills to the girl to ensure she never got pregnant.

Local Police boss Peter Muchemi Revealed that that suspect was in a combined operation by both administrators and the police adding that the girl of class seven absence from school forced the school administration and the security agents to commence a probe into her whereabouts. It is then that we discovered that she was living with her uncle who was sexually abusing her,” he said.

The girl was taken for medical tests that will give the police a bearing on the inclusive charges to infer on the suspect adding that the girl has since been handed over to the children’s department.

Picture of man Arrested in Meru

The girl said that “He kept threatening me that he would kill me if I attempted to escape,” the girl told nation.africa adding that he forced her to lie to neighbours that she lived with him as a relative owing to the poverty at her home.

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