Stivo Simple Boy's Management Exposed Over Mistreatment Allegations (VIDEO)

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Stevo Simple Boy's girlfriend Purity Vishenwa has gone public to expose his boyfriend's managers for what she terms as mistreatment and being controlling.

Purity, better known as Pritty Vishy says that Stevo's management has gone past it's boundaries and even started controlling his dating life, as they are obstructing him from meeting or talking to her.

" He can't even come see me, or text me," said pritty in an interview.

She went further to disclose how all his social media accounts are controlled by his management.

She says she even tried to talk him into opening his own separate you tube channel but his management did not allow him.

What is more heartbreaking is Pritty's statement on how Simple Boy receives peanuts from his shows. She confirmed the rumour about simple boy doing a 150k show and ended up getting 7k from the whole amount. She also says he did an advert which paid 120k but ended up getting 4k, the rest of the money swindled by his management.

"If he needs a phone, clothes, anything, they buy for him. They never give him money. It is like they run his life," said Pritty.

Watch the video here:

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