“I Used All My Salaries on Expensive Clothing And Handbags, Become Broke Later,” Woman Laments


Many people usually want to be a standout in their circles either through academics, fashion or wealth. This is the same thing that a mother of two, Zipporah Ndeti, lived a fake life to please her colleagues and also stay on top of the latest fashion trend.

Speaking to Tuko, Mrs Zipporah said she was using all her salaries in shopping for clothes and handbags and clothes that were expensive though she bever mind as she wanted to become the talk of the town in the office.

“I used to shop in the expensive malls just to get recent clothes that are on fashion trend coupled with stylish handbags. Of course, these would cost a lot of money that would take all my salary before the mid-month of receiving it,” she said in an interview with Tuko's journalist Lynn Ngugi as quoted from the video uploaded on both Facebook and YouTube.

When life got hard and she couldn't service her hunger for more trendy clothes, she resorted to taking mobile loans. This also did not last because she was unable to repay the loans.

That's when reality beckoned and after much consideration, she opened a stall in Jumia where she sells women accessories.

She advises women and any other person who likes to compete with others that it is unnecessary and might lead to other problems that may cause danger to them.

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