'Mungu Akubariki' Raila Odinga Finally Delivers a Gift He Promised a Stranger During his Birthday

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Former prime minister surprised Gideon Gachuki and his family when he pulled up in their compound during Gideon's birthday party. According to ODM Party national youth coordinator Benson Musungu, Gideon picked Raila Odinga' s private phone number and messaged his invitation together with directions to his Gathunguri home.

Raila gifted Gideon a cow which was delivered to him today. ODM communication director posted the news on social media saying Gideon Gachuki's and his family life will not be the same again. Etale also shared a photo of Gideon feeding his cow gifted to him by Raila.

Gideon Gachuki feeding his cow gifted to him by the former Prime minister (photo courtesy)

Gachuki was turning 22 years on a party which turned to be special. His neighbors were happy for the young man after hosting Raila in their village. Raila's move was however dismissed by netizens who claimed the whole incident was planned.

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