Sunday Special: 5 kente styles to check out if you are marrying next year.

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Marriages will always be an important ritual and practice of the societies across the world. Marriage involves legal and religious activities and are socially accepted. 

Generally marriage is between two people the couple involves a man and woman. Marriages are often associated with the sexual complementarities and permanence, which is many people get married to have just a sex partner but others do it for companionship.

Marriages come along with the status of married and also with some particular rights, benefits and even obligations related to the marriage.

A wedding dress or bridal gown is the dress worn by the bride during a wedding ceremony. The color, style and ceremonial importance of the gown can depend on the religion and culture of the wedding participants.

Recently, traditional marriages happen a lot before a white wedding or no white wedding. Kente is a really nice cloth with a lot of cultural heritage and history.

Today I bring you 5 kente styles to check out if you are getting married next year. These styles shall intrigue you and excite you to sew the best kente for your traditional marriage. Enjoy these beautiful styles.

Aren't these styles lovely. Yes you can look lovely on your wedding too.

Which is your favorite.

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