How to Appy for School CDF Bursaries


Each county receives certain amount of money from the natinal government to develop different sectors in the society. These money can be used to construct schools, public toilets in market and also to pay school fees to students from low background. These funds are usually to be allocated to different places each and every year.

The county government always allocate certain amount of money to help students who come from low background. These bursaries helps to pay school fees in highschool or higher institutions of learning.Some counties are so serious about helping so many students undertaking different courses in universities and polytechnics.

Each and every county usually distribute the bursary application forms to the chief of every location. Students or parents can now collect these forms and fill the details. Details required are;

1.Name of the students,

2.Name of his or her location

3.Photocopy of parents natina id,

4.Name of the school or university,

5. Cheif's signature and

6.Religious leader's signature.

Once you fill all these data you can now drop your application form to the CDF office and wait for funds.

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