Remember The Man Accused Of Raping His 5-Year-Old, Finally Tells His Side Of The Story

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A little girl (five) was trending a while back when a video went viral revealing what her father was doing to her, and South Africans were outraged.

The 5-year-old was captured on a video explaining what her father did to her, and South Africans were outraged. Many people were devastated as a result of the occurrence, and the community proceeded to confront the father about it. Residents questioned Thabo Patlama about the incident as he was playing cards with his pals. According to Thabo Patlama, he was severely battered and was unable to move or see anything.

He was arrested and transported to the police station, where he was charged with rape and incarcerated for two (2) days.

Thabo Patlama was hauled to court on a Friday and freed by the judge without a bail hearing, which startled him. Thabo Patlama was intrigued, so he asked the police what had happened, and the police explained that tests had been performed on the youngster. According to Thabo Patlama, the examinations revealed that the youngster had never been harmed or raped. It is really upsetting that Thabo Patlama was wrongly accused of raping his own kid and was severely assaulted by the community.

South Africans are still stunned after hearing Thabo Patlama's version of the tale.

Thabo Patlama continues to live in dread because many believe he raped his own daughter. It's a terrible story, and South Africans don't know who to believe. Despite the fact that the dad claimed that testing verified that the youngster was never raped, some remain skeptical.

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