How to change your lips from dark to pink lips


Today's generation moreso girls want lips that are pink and attractive. This thing has gone viral, even girls have been saying that they want to date men who have pink lips. Today am going to show you two ways on how you can use lemon to achieve this hot pink lips.

All you need to do is first of all avoid taking alcohol and cigarettes which contribute to a high percentage of this dark layer in your lips. For example take a look at the lips of a cigarette smoker.

In order to achieve the pink lips stop using alcohol and cigarettes completely and than start the following. Each and every day before you go to sleep cut a lemon and scrape the juicy part on your lips. Don't wipe it, sleep with it till the next morning, then wash it off using salty water. After that apply Vaseline on the lips.

You can also mix lemon juice with sugar and then apply it on your lips before you sleep. And then wash it the next morning with warm water. Repeat this for two weeks and see the difference. While doing all that avoid alot of sunshine. Thanks for reading my article. Kindly like, share and comment.