"We Are No Longer Together" Sonie Confirms Break Up With Mulamwa.

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In the recent past, there has been break ups which have amazed Kenyans. Some looked like the strongest relationship that existed yet all came to end. Alfred Mutua breaking up with Lilian was very unexpected because they were always seen so happy in public together.

Today, Carol Sonnie who got a baby with comedian mulamwa has announced that they are no longer together. This comes days after the unfollowed each other on Instagram and people stated getting suspicious.

In the past, the now ex love birds had splitted ways after carol and a miscarriage. This broke mulamwa and he even burned down his comedy identity shirt. However, they seemed to solve their differences and came back together strong. They were even blessed with a beautiful girl which went viral all through the country.

With the baby girl gaining many followers on social pages just a day after her birth, love was seen on all Mulamwa posts as he praised his baby Mama.

Speculations have it that they parted ways long ago but played cool for the sake of the baby.

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