If I meet him face to face he won’t be able to say a word- Captain Smart speaks and causes stir


Captain Smart has given an explanation to what he calls dedication and diligence. Captain Smart is insulted by the citizens in the country and haunted by some government officials. This is because some members of this country are not ready to bear with him on certain matters he brings to the public.

The truth as they say is hard to tell since it causes either much more pain to an individual or in terms of government, exposes corrupt officials. Captain Smart is insulted and criticized only because some people feel he is being too outspoken but has nothing to say.

In an edition of his usual public criticism and outspokenness, he revealed that the media are sometimes just funny. Some of them are quick to spread news that favors the sitting government all because of fear and intimidation but he will not fall a victim.

Captain Smart speaking today stated that there are people saying all sorts of things about me and are threatening me here and there. But if I meet him face to face he won’t be able to say a word because he knows what I’m saying is the undiluted truth.

Captain says many people know what is right but are not saying or doing so because some corrupt government officials or politicians have bought their truth and patriotism with some cedis. Comment your opinions below.

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