Ladies, Be Classy But Not Luxurious, Know How


Being a classic woman is when you have everything to flaunt, but you choose not to. Classic women are kind and know how to present themselves with elegance. It is not always about how much you have, but how much you give to those around you in return.

Below are some personality traits to possess if you want to be classic.

1) Character

Always be confident and modern. Being classic does not mean you go out of style but always look for respect and not attention. If you respect yourself others will also respect you. Being classic you know when to say something and when not to.

2) Elegancy

Always dress according to the occasion you are attending. Always dress appropriately. Do not dress to draw attention and do not be flashy. Always put on what makes you comfortable and stunning.

3. Compassion

Always be considerate about the feelings and emotions of other people. Always help those in need where you can.

4) Hygiene.

Always keep yourself clean and the environment around you.


Never be rude towards others. Try to make others smile and spread positive vibes. Smile is the kindest gesture you can give to mankind.

5. Indepedence.

Always spend your time wisely and don't depend on anything or anyone. Always know your worth.

6. Goals and ambitions

Always know your strength and weaknesses and always strive to fulfil them.