Embarambamba Narrates His Encounter With President Moi


Controversial singer Embarambamba was a guest at Ntv's Trend hosted by Amina.The singer spoke a lot about his life and why he performs the dangerous stunts he does. One intriguing part was his narration about his encounter with Former President the Late Daniel Moi.

The singer said that he met the 2nd President in 1997 while in primary school. The president had visited his locality and was one of the students who danced before him.Just like he does it,he danced with vigour and caught the President's attention.According to Embarambamba the former President said "Huyu Kijana ataenda mbali" meaning he had a bright future.

The singer seems to have had encounters with top leaders in the country.Despite this he asked for help from leaders to purchase music equipments.According to him,his music is Gospel comedy.He particularly asked the President and Ezekiel Mutua to help. Ezekiel Mutua had raised concern with how dangerous he performs.He says performing the dangerous stunts is a means of searching for a livelihood.

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