Save a soul: as a professional driver, what direction will you give to the driver


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Driving which has now become the the profession many Africans especially Ghanaian Youths.

Day in day out drivers go to work leaving their wife, childrens and family members in the house because they are the bread winner of the family.

Some of these drivers used to work both in the night and in the day. Have you ever asked yourself the risk involved working or driving in the night? No.

The tedious nature of the work sometimes makes them sleep while driving. This when care is not taken may result into road accident.

In a picture posted on Facebook today has to do with cargo car which was on its way to evacuate goods but unfortunately stripped off from road to a danger zone beside the road. One may ask what the cause of this? It may be the nature of the road.

The picture has caused traffic on Facebook and a lot of people are commenting about it.

Now as a professional driver reading this post what advise will you give to the driver if you were there?


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