Ways of Improving Mental Health


The overall well-being of a person results from his/her health.This is mental, physical and emotional health.One is said to be mentally health when he feels good about himself.He also have respect and takes care of himself /herself.He also feel comfortable with other people around him and allows others to get closer to him as he get closer to them.

These attributes make a person regarded as healthy.

Some ways of improving one's mental health are:

First,acknowledge that you are feeling emotionally strong then you will improve your health.

Second,you will have to share feelings if possible with someone though not all feelings are to be shared.Share some disturbing feelings with close friends or relatives.

Third, remember that feelings are not facts and never feel guilty having negative feelings and no matter how emotions are upsetting they will come to pass.

Lastily,seek for help when an emotional stays with you.You can seek help by guiding and counseling from a professional or speaking to a psychologist

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