We Will Not Fight The Battle Only In Parliament - Sammy Gyamfi Speaks After Budget Was Approved

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There is a stalemate in Parliament over the procedures that led to the approval of the policy statement for the 2022 fiscal year that was initially rejected by the Minority Caucus in Parliament. The Majority, who obviously were not satisfied with the ruling by the Speaker has also made a decision to overturn the decision leading to the approval of the budget.

The longstanding tussle between the two sides of the House does not appear to end soon as the Minority Caucus led by Haruna Iddrisu has fiercely protested the decision that was made by the 1st Deputy Speaker. According to excerpts from the presser, the acting Speaker erred in his interpretation of the standing orders to make an unconstitutional decision.

Earlier today, December 2, 2021, National Communications Director of the opposition National Democratic Congress, Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi was interviewed alongside former Member of Parliament, Dr. Okoe Boye over the brouhaha in Parliament. It was a heated discussion after Dr. Okoe Boye sought to present strong arguments to justify the approval of the budget.

However, it seems his comment did not go down well with Sammy Gyamfi who strongly registered his disappointment over how the 1st Deputy Speaker presided over the proceedings. According to the verbose politician, he cannot comprehend how an acting Speaker seeks to overturn a decision that has been officially made by an elected speaker of Parliament.

Sammy Gyamfi explained that the behaviour of the Majority is hypocritical after making several unfounded allegations against the Speaker. He [Sammy Gyamfi] wondered over how mute the majority has been after they approved the budget.

Speaking further, the lawyer indicated the decision would be challenged through other legal means if Parliament fails to reach a consensus. He stated that Supreme Court would be the next resort should the chamber fail to critically deal with the situation at hand. He said, "....Now that was a clear illegality. We will not fight it only in Parliament. We have other plans to ensure that the right thing is done."

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