Nigerian Sheikhs Have Refused To Say Something About The Insecurity We Are Facing In The North - Lady


The insecurity issues in Nigeria is gradually becoming unbearable. Since the onset of 2021, insecurity issues has been the most reported news in Nigeria. Attacks, kidnaping and herdsmen crisis has been the news of the day. Jus today (Friday, 26 of February), lady has taken to her Twitter handle to explain how sad she is, regarding the insecurity issues going on in Nigeria.

According to Twitter handle @XahraBKumbo, who sadly said that Nigerian Sheikhs only had time to shed tears during the time of Jonathan, but refused to say something regarding the ongoing crisis going on in the Northern part of the country. She added that, all was happening because it was Buhari and not Jonathan.

There's no doubt, a lot has been happening in the Northern states. News has been reporting several attacks by bandits, including herdsmen crisis in Southwest, destroying so many properties and lives stocks.

Regarding the insecurity issues in the country, many Nigerians has started thinking they're not safe any longer, due to how their lives are being threatened by unknown gunmen, bandits and herdsmen in the country. After this beautiful lady wrote " Nigerian Sheikhs had time to shed tears during Jonathan, but refused to say a single word about the insecurity we're facing in the North, because it was Buhari not Jonathan. Sadly, they choose money over humanity" Here are the recent comments people were dropping. Check below.

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