Foreigners have no place in SA anymore. Look what SAns are doing at restaurant after eating

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In our country, the number of foreigners in our country has been getting worse and worse every day. In the past, South Africans didn't mean what they said when they said no to people from outside the country.

"I went back to Ocean Basket Hetfield. My waitress was not Zimbabwean or from any other country. A person from South Africa was with Thandi at the party. A tip of R100 from me to Thandi made me so happy because I didn't waste my money. Thank you, Ocean Basket Hetfield, for all your help with this project ""I am a South African Citizen."

It was only if they were from another country that he would feel like he was wasting his money. This man is telling South Africans that if they want to get rid of foreigners, they should stop supporting them. If you can, don't buy from them.

People in South Africa are sick and tired of having so many foreigners in their country, so they started a campaign called Operation Dudula. They put South Africans first and tried to get rid of the foreigners first. Cleaning them up: Some of the different places in Gauteng have already done this in their townships.

Help us clean up our country so that foreigners can see that they have no chance in our country anymore. Let this happen so that foreigners see that they have no chance in our country anymore. Share what you know about how to deal with these foreigners and add your own ideas.


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