OPINION: Tope Alabi's Criticism of Oniduro Singer is a Blessing in Disguise

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There's a popular saying that every disappointment might be a blessing and that was the case of Adeyinka Alaseyori who had faced criticism from a fellow gospel singer Tope Alabi thereby leading to a meltdown from fans of both singers.

Adeyinka Alaseyori might not be a popular name or a regular face in the music and entertainment industry but in the last few days she has managed to become strong gist on social media.

All these saga started when a top and popular gospel singer Tope Alabi criticized the phrase/word "Oniduro" which was used by Adeyinka Alaseyori in her song. In a trending viral video, Tope Alabi had explained why such phrase shouldn't be used in a gospel song and she also voiced out to her audience that the holy Spirit actually give her the information about what she was saying.

Hours and days have gone since she said those words in that viral video. The main question on everyone's lips at that time was, who is Adeyinka Alaseyori? It was at that point that the name, "Adeyinka Alaseyori" began to trend on the social media platforms.

Many blogs and media houses started posting and publishing that particular song where she used the phrase "Oniduro". Many have flocked to her social media handles to actually find out who she was. Top celebrities also weighed into the saga.

Just few months ago, Adeyinka Alaseyori never knew that her name will become popular just few months later. Today, she has acquired the necessary fame that she needs to advance with her gospel music career. Tope Alabi had indirectly influenced her music career in the most unimaginable way.

The rise of Adeyinka Alaseyori has started a d she can work harder to strengthen her profound fame for a longer period of time. Tope Alabi never knew that the outcome of her outburst would result into an unimaginable fame for a beautiful lady who is making efforts to advance with her gospel music career.

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