OPINION: Nollywood Actresses Who Have Managed To Avoid Scandals

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The way many Actresses are in the news on daily basis, one could think that Nollywood actresses seem to benefit from controversies.

Many actress of the Nollywood industry are on the news daily because of what they have said or done. However, there are some Nollywood Actress who have been able to avoid this and have still maintained their relevance in the acting business.

Going further, these actresses are also very beautiful, excellent with their skills, and young to chase clouts but do not. How they manage to stay away from scandals is amazing with the rate the public eyes are on every public figure.

Here are some actresses on my list;

Mercy MacJoe

Tana Egbo Adelana

Queeneth Hilbert

Esther Audu Ojire

Mary Remmy Njoku 

Uju Okoli

Who is your favorite amongst these actresses? Do you think there is a cool headed actress that is not on this list?

Do you think controversies and scandals are essential for Nollywood Actresses to excel?

Please leave all your thoughts in the comments.

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