“Half-Baked Apology,” Amina Abdi’s Apology Criticized By Kenyans, Deleted By NTV

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Since the death of Capital FM’s DJ (DJ Lithium) early this week, a lot has been going on, on social media concerning toxic work environments.

From Miss Mandi to NTV’s The Trend Show host, Amina Abdi Rabar

After being dragged into the whole issue of being toxic and a bully to her colleagues, Amina took advantage of her show to apologize to Kenyans.

However, a few hours after her apology, NTV deleted the video after being termed as “Half-baked”. Kenyans on Twitter also felt that Amina’s apology was not genuine as she was reading a per-written script. Amina had used the show platform to address accusations of her being discriminating, toxic, and a bully towards other employees at work.

During the show, which discusses trending stories at the time, Amina took the bold step to address her own story which was trending and dominated social media. In her apology, Amina stated that she is not toxic but very friendly and caring. She continued by asking for forgiveness from whoever received the kind of reception they didn’t expect from Amina Abdi.

Amina’s statement sparked reactions from Kenyans forcing the TV station to delete the apology video. Amina Abdi used to work at Capital FM before moving to NTV.

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