The car that Matthew Nathan brought to Ghana. It was the first car in Ghana.


In 1902, the first motor vehicle arrived in the Ghana by then called Gold Coast. The fragile and finicky vehicle, a paraffin fueled and steam driven French Gardner Serpollet car cost £543.It was brought in for Governor by then called, Matthew Nathan.

The car was a symbol of luxury and Western modernity in the West African colony, but Nathan’s vehicle was also an experiment. It was in that regards car came to Ghana. The British colonial officials like Chamberlain believed that motor vehicles would revolutionize.

At that time, cars were used to show wealth and luxury but now, many people in Ghana have cars and many can afford a public means.

In the olden days when cars came to Ghana, it was not common for ordinary person to enter a car. It was only used by well known wealthy people especially people in government. When that car came to Ghana, people where wondering what it was. It was very strange to them. some people even run away when the saw that car.