OPINION: Why A State Of Emergency Should Be Declared In Anambra State

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For months, Anambra state has been disturbed with violent acts from different agitation groups ranging from the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), the Eastern Security Network (ESN), and MASSOB. The Activities of this group have threatened the stabilization of the state and the economic sector of the state is greatly affected because IPOB has on several occasions ordered the residents of the Anambra state to boycott all commercial activities. These groups have poised as threats to the everyday activities of an average Igbo man living in Anambra state.

The question remains: is there a need to declare a state of emergency in Anambra state?. I think there is. The constant interference with daily activities and the killing of innocent citizens is a big deal. Even after the sit-at-home order was allegedly suspended by the Indigenous people of Biafra, every Monday is a fearful day as charters and vehicles belonging to people are destroyed when they dare move them. Most residents of Anambra state are living in fear and their lives are not secured. The federal government should declare a state of emergency.  

Another reason why a state of emergency should be declared in the state is that the perpetrators of this violent agitation have grown wings and they think they are incapable of getting prosecuted by the laws of the country. Some of them now wear their colors proudly and feel that the federal government can do nothing about this. In my opinion, the problems in Anambra state have gone too far and lingered for too long a redress is in order. To safeguard the lives and properties of Anambra residents who are defenseless, a state of emergency should be declared. It may not be easy but it is important for the betterment of the entire people of Anambra state.

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