Zora Wednesday Written Episode: How Oscar Will Soon Take Over All Chibale's Wealth


The episode starts with Zalena sending someone to pick Kwame's bracelet from Oscar. He gets there and Oscar's house was closed but he manoeuvres his ways until he opened the padlock on the door. He begins to search everywhere for the bracelet and luckily, he found it hidden in Oscar's bedroom.

However, he forgets that he had broken into someone's house and began calling Zalena with joy for having found the bracelet. Unfortunately, Oscar arrived while he was still communicating with Zalena on phone. He hit the man to the ground and he fainted. Meanwhile, Zalena was still calling her and Oscar confirmed that she was behind the death of Alma.

Oscar took the bracelet from the boy that Zalena had used. He also took his phone and chased the boy away from his house. The phone contains all the information Zalena and the boy has been using from the time they tortured him up to the time they carried Alma's body out of Kwame' house into the car. Oliver has enough information that he will use in a court of law to arrest Oliver and Zalena and thereafter have all Chibale's wealth.

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