If you Have Been Washing Your Utensils With Steel Wool, Checkout why you Need to be Cautious With It


Sometimes when end up bringing so many health problems in our bodies without realizing it. The body always reacts according to what you eat or drink. So many health problems that some people are dealing with now are caused by things that they could have prevented if they noted early enough. Utensils that we use to cook and serve food may also have also have influence on the body. That why you should make sure they are clean and clean enough.Some people usually clean utensils using steel wool. You should be very cautious when using these wools because some usually leave some stains and particles of steel or iron on your utensils which may later end up in food. When buying these wool, make sure yiu buy the stainless steel wool that doesn't shed off these stains. Some cheap steel wool may shed alot of particle that may be so good to your health. When washing sufuria, one usually scrap it using the wool and as a result there are so many particles that are still stuck on it. Alway make sure you take your time to make sure these stains are washed away.

In time the steel wool may rust and these particles end up in your food. Rusted steel wool may also corrode you skin which may cause tetanus when not treated.It is advisable to use plastic scouring pads, scrubbers, or brushes, or use a soft

Secondly, it is important to make sure all the utensils are clean to avoid food poisoning. After cooking it is important to cover your food to keep it safe from any bacteria that may lead to infections.Please share

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