How To Own A House With Just Ghc900 A Month

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The dream of every man or woman is to build his own her house. Something that he or she can call his or her own. No more problems for landlords over increments and noisy or nosy neighbours. Having your own house gives you comfort and fulfilment. But owning a house in Ghana has become hectic and very expensive nowadays. Here is simple way you can own your own house with just Ghc900.

A ruff estimate for a 3 bedroom house for sale in Ghana, more precisely Accra is around GHc700,000. But building your own house is a lot cheaper once you get your prices and mathematics right.

One thing is when a real estate agent is done building his house, he adds his own profit to it. Trust me, that profit can build a one bedroom house. Why don't you build your house by saving at least Ghc900 of your salary for 6 six years.

After six years, the money you will be having is Ghc64,800. With this money you can buy a land, draw the plan of your you want your 3 bedroom house to be and then complete one part of it. That is you complete one bedroom house of the three. Then continue saving Ghc900 for year.

So each year, you will add something to what is existing. In less than 8 years, you will be done with your house. All we need to do is to inhibit the habit of saving.

Do you think it is feasible?

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