"Wacha Vitisho" Kimani Ichun'gwa Responds To Raila's Demand To IEBC, Predicts What Awaits Him

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Kikuyu constituency member of Parliament Hon Kimani Ichun'gwa, has hit out at the former prime minister Raila Odinga over his latest demands to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission that they must avail the Manual voters register alongside the digital one during the elections day.

The United Democratic Alliance party has claimed that the former prime minister has sensed defeat and has resorted to lamentations. He told Raila that the elections must be there and he should just wait for the fifth defeat adding that Kenya is not for three families.

"Wameanza kama kawaida. When they know they are losing an election and not even the evil deep state can save them from the inevitable loss." The vocal member of Parliament stated.

"Relax mzee. The election will be there and you are staring at the 5th defeat. Wacha vitisho pia. Kenya doesn’t belong to three families ndugu." Kimani Ichun'gwa added.

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