If You Miss Your "Menstrual Period" After Visiting A Man, Kindly Read The Following information


It's no longer news that many ladies miss their "Menstrual period" because of many reasons. However, it's always necessary for young ladies to menstruate at least once in a month expect if they are pregnant.

However, many ladies often miss their "menstrual period" after visiting a man in his house because of many reasons. So, here are possible reasons a lady might miss her period after visiting a man in his house.

1) Pregnancy.

Most times, a lot of ladies engage in immoral activities when they visit a man in his house and this could make them to become pregnant. It's important to know that pregnancy can make a lady to miss her "menstrual period". So, always be careful when you go to a man's house.

2) Infections.

Also, most ladies miss their period because they have contracted an infection from a man. A lot of infections like staphylococcus and syphilis could affect the menstrual cycle of a lady. Therefore, always visit the hospital if you don't see your "menstrual period" in Month.

So, what advice will you give to ladies that miss their "menstrual period" after visiting a man?.

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