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As clubs prepares to get back to the main league in the following next few days, we have developed some news that have sparked our intention at Amakhosi.

Photo: Amakhosi Serbian striker

As we know, fans has been asking about Samir Nurkovic's absentia ever since the commencement of Dstv 2022/22 season, he hasn't been appearing at the club. However, it was stated that he had an injury that was bothering him and he couldn't play 100% with it. That was the injury he got from Morocco last season when they were playing CAF CHAMPIONS semi finals with Wydad Casablanca.

The injury made him to realise that he had to go for a surgery that could help him have speed recovery and that added extra days for him to be absent from the squad. Fans were worried because they know he is a good finisher when he get a chance.

Around December, he promised that he would return to the club very soon and he added the reason why he wasn't available. He also to the media that he was too confident and recovering very well. Fans got happy and wished him a speed recovery to see him better than soon.

Nurkoviç is back at training with the club and he is ready to kick-off when the league resume in February. We can't wait to see what he has to deliver what he has been wishing and dreaming while he was literally away.

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There are several players that could be placed on the market this transfer window. Kaizer Chiefs are likely to reshuffle the squad and they said to start with international players. For instance, Lazarus Khambole has to go. The Zambian striker haven't delivered what was expected for him by the club. Only two goals for him since he joined Kaizer Chiefs.

With Samir's contract is set to expire soon, no agreement have been reached yet as to extend or leave the club.

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