4 Signs You're Ready To Meet A Soul Mate


A soulmate is someone who we have feelings towards them, we have connected ourselves to them. "As though the communication and communing that take place between us ,is like a divine gifts to our souls. We connect with them deeply.

We let them to our softness and vulnerable parts of our soul and body to make them see who we really are. We create space for them in our lives and open up in the same way.

Your definition of a soulmate might be completely different according to your understanding. When it comes to matters of soul it is important to take what serves you and leave the rest. Here are 4 signs that shows you are ready.

1. You have accepted imperfections

It means you are ready, you have accepted that you messed up in previous relationship and you have picked them up to. It also express a sense of maturity,that everyone has one's is life has made a mistake.

2. Your mind and heart are open

You are ready to open to that person you have feelings towards him/her, to open up about your past, present and future plans and expectations. You are ready to get into a relationship and build it for better love life.

3. You have a way of polite conversation

During you talk time , you realize that you have a unique way of bringing issues and affairs affecting you or the relationship.

4. You're afraid of the other person's or your partner's past

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