In Shock || Julius Malema Exposed Secret Meetings Has Allegedly Revealed This Sad Truth || See Why

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The people of South Africa have been thinking and wondering what is exactly going on with the Command in chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters. This is because he's known as a man that always manages to pull out some strings to have his agenda fixed. A few weeks ago he was fighting with the minister of arts and culture Nathi Mthethwa over the banning of fans to stadiums.

This is because the situation that is currently in South Africa doesn't allow people to flock to stadiums in large numbers. This is because the number of people that haven't been of hasn't in the country is very worrisome as the people haven't reached the threshold that is wanted by the government.

Julius Malema exposed secret meetings are finally revealed after he was caught doing this. The deal is believed to have allegedly made him not say any further words about when will the government give a green light to allow fans to fill out stadiums. It is not a secret anymore that fans do miss watching football in the stadium than the issue of watching their favourite sports on TV as it is becoming a boring thing.

Julius Malema is allegedly been silent on the issue of when will fans are allowed to go to stadiums. This is because he gave the minister of arts and culture seven days to allow fans to flock in stadiums and now is day 8 and nothing is said.

Does this mean that someone paid off Julius Malema not to say anything further as South Africans want to know his next action? The people of South Africa today will want to know what is the next stage that Malema is gonna take or is either going to allegedly accept the bride as it is the only thing that stops leaders from doing what is right.

What is your intake on this and why?

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