More information about 162 kids that were kidnapped at a school by a drunk mob in North West

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Kidnaping of children in South Africa is a serious problem that need to be addressed but it seem like President Ramaphosa is so soft towards crime. People end up getting away with crime

It surprised people how people ended up kidnaping about 162 school pupil. And how did they get to that school?


An apparently drunk group of people pretending to be parents arrived at a North West school on Tuesday night and abducted 162 pupils.

Before that in the nearby during the December holiday, Tirelong Secondary School in was vandalised. On Tuesday, pupils from Boons Mega Farm School were abducted by a mob that arrived at the school in four cars. When the mob arrived there, they wanted the pupils from the neighboring boarding school to come out and go back to their school that was vandalised in December. Currently Tirelong school doesn't have running water or electricity and the pupils had to be moved to ensure they did not miss out on their education and they were placed at Moedwil, Naauwpoort and Boons Mega Farm Schools for time being.

The mob who pretended to be parents when they got inside the school, they blew whistles to attract the attention of the Tirelong schoolboys and they broke down hostel doors, windows and burglar guards to force their way out.

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