OPINION: Most beautiful South African houses that you can consider building (see photos)

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Most amazing houses that one could wish to build one day for themselves. 

Surely building a new home for yourself or one of your family members is something that is always in your mind.

However, some do not take the building thing serious. As they tell themselves that there is no need since you can rent a house, flat or room and be stress free.

Well, if you can ask yourself how much per annual do you pay your landlord or landlady. You can see that the person who is not benefiting is you.

But, there are some who rent flats, rooms or houses just because it is near their work place. To be honest, most people do that when they are working, in order to avoid traveling each and everyday to work.

It would surely be tiring to travel 50kms per day, but just imagine if you could build one of these houses. Let us have a look at them below:

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