"Aliingia Akaanza Kunikatakata" Makueni Woman Who Lost Both Arms To Her Estranged Husband Says

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In the past few months, the government along with different human rights organizations have called upon men and women who are going through gender based violence or GBV to make sure they report to their nearest police station for more investigation instead of deciding to keep quiet about it.


For most these organizations, they claimed that most of these victims end up being killed due to fear of speaking or rather standing up for themselves and for this reason, kenyans have been urged to make sure they report this kind of cases before it gets out of hand as it had been seen in the past.

In one of this incidents, a woman who has been identified as Jackline Mwende has finally opened up about an incident that happened a few years ago that has has her without both hands. In her own words, Mwende said that her husband came home, Chopped her hands off after accusing her of cheating on him.

"He came home and broke the door because I had refused to open it. I don't know what happened next because all I remember was me screaming at the top of my lungs in attempts to get my neighbors to help me after he cut off both of my hands. I remember we had a very dangerous dog that would protect me in times of danger and that's what he did started with. He killed it and fled after hearing my neighbors who came to rescue me ", she said.

Mwende who is currently okay might have something to smile about after the suspect who has been identified as Ndungu was slapped with 30 years worth of jail time for the same reason. According to the reports given by the judge, he claimed that the suspect might have killed the victim.

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