Open Letter To Ohanaeze Youths Over Their Recent Call For The Arrest Of Sheik Gumi


Dear Ohanaeze youths;

The present situation of crisis in the country at this very point in time can only be settled when two or more good heads come together to proffer a solution to it.

This open submission is solely constructed to address your recent activities, after a news report which was shared some hours ago, revealed how you all have called for the arrest of the Islamic cleric Sheik Gumi.

We all knew how the case of banditry is gradually ravaging our country as well as increasing it's present level of insecurity. We might want to recall that Gumi has been a great solicitor amidst series of abductions that has been going on in the country lately, as his immediate intervention in cases that has to do with abduction of students by bandits has helped prevent certain tragedies.

Dear Ohanaeze youths, calling for the arrest of Gumi and accusing him to explain what he knows about banditry, is unacceptable as he has helped the country greatly. My suggestion is that you desist from this very act and focus more on how to build the peace of the nation.

An open letter from an Igbo man to Ohanaeze youths over their call for the arrest of Gumi.