Uhuru Kenyatta's 'Mr-Fix-It' Who Will Likely Box DP Ruto Out of 2022 Presidential Ring


With barely thirteen months the next general elections, Uhuru Kenyatta has a litany of issues and numerous balls to juggle with before calling quits.

Of the missions at hand is to ensure his deputy does not take over from him. This is contrary to Jubilee Coalition's 2013 pre-election pact which bound the duo to work together for at least twenty years.

Since Jomo's son won't fire a presidential shot, he will no doubt use a political mercenary to teach his defiant deputy a lifetime lesson. Of those expected to do the job on behalf of Kenyatta II is ex-prime minister Raila Odinga.

Despite of his vast political experience, Raila may fail to wrestle the young, vibrant and aggressive William this calls for a substitution who is equally matched. Who could this be? Kenyatta's Mr Fix-it no doubt.

For years now, Interior and Coordination CS Fred Matiang'i has lived to his boss expectations. Many are the times he has made straight that was previously crooked and for this, he may be fronted to solve Ruto's puzzle as he has done to other sectors.

Mutually, Matiang'i is a close ally of ODM chief and this makes his path smooth, will Odinga's son bless Fred? Likely, likely not, politics is the art of possible, anything can happen including UhuRaila backing Matiang'i to kick Ruto off the ring.

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