Read What Happened To The First Patient Who Received The Covid-19 Vaccine

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Who doesn't know Covid-19? A virus that has caused panic across the globe and killed millions of people. Covid-19 is an illness caused by a novel Corona virus now called severe acute respiratory syndrome; it started in Wuhan City - China.

Covid-19 was actually getting under control until a new variant came into play. The UK has identified a fast-spreading new variant of coronavirus that is 70% more transmissible than existing strains, thus leading to more decisive actions and also to another round of Lockdown in many countries.

However, the first patient to receive the Covid-19 vaccine has been given another dose. She received the first dose on the 8th of December and has now been given the second dose of the vaccine. Margaret Keenan who's the first patient to receive the dose was given another shot at University Hospital in Coventry, three weeks after she received the first.

According to medical staff, two doses of the vaccine are required to achieve full immunity. The 91 year old grandmother has now received two doses, so we hope she's completely free and immune to the deadly Corona virus. We pray for effective result so that the vaccine can be distributed across the world.

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