Comedy: How My Roommate Pretends She Doesn't Have Money And Make Me Spend My Own On Her


I have this roommate a girl like me that is always telling me she is broke and doesn't have money, I'm a kind-hearted person so I don't argue with her whenever I ask her to assist me with some money to buy foodstuff and she ends up saying I have always told you I don't have money, I'm still looking for a job she added.

Girl! where do you always go to each time you leave this house? I asked her one day, she told me that she is looking for a job so she can assist me with house feeding cause I have helped her so much.

She is good with words, 30 minutes I'm angry when she whine my head with her words I end up pitying her and I keep giving her anything she wants since I was 2 years older than her do I took her as my kid sister.

For two years she is still looking for a job, I saw about 4 jobs for her and she rejected it saying she doesn't like it, I said well, it's her choice, I can't force her to work where she doesn't like.

I'm working and I don't save cause I'm paying rent and providing food for two, 3years now this girl is still looking for a job? What does she take me for I asked myself, another mind said you are doing it for God, don't let it worry you?

So it continues till one day, I came in, dished my food and was eating, I dropped my cup filled with juice on the floor, I don't know when my leg touched it and everything went under the bed, I was so mad because we hardly raise that bed. After all, it's very hard to raise.

I called one of my neighbors who helped raise it and I was cleaning thoroughly till I saw black nylon wrapped and attached to the corner of the bed, I was surprised when I saw it so it took me time before I opened it,

Lo and behold it's a bunch of money containing 500k, who has this money I asked myself, this girl is not working, home come this money is here? I saw a diary of how she is planning to live a luxurious life when she leaves the house, she boldly wrote that she can't want to leave this poverty striking house and live big. I didn't think further so I just took the money to my bank and saved it there till I see the root of the matter.

I started thinking very deep, is this why this girl doesn't want to open an account? Because she knows I might see her bank message one day cause I normally use her phone sometimes.

In the night, she returned as usual and eat what I prepared with my hard-earned money, I asked her again, it's been 3years, what is your plan for work or is there something you are not telling me? She said I have told you times without number, I don't have a job and when I have you will be the first person to know.

The next day I took my bath and left got work, I didn't ask her about the money cause she is not aware yet as she can't open it to add to it as usual since I was at home. I sent a spy to follow her one morning and discovered this girl has a well-paying job and her salary is 20k bigger than mine, why are people this cunning I asked myself?

In the night when I returned I saw her sitting on the ground crying deeply, she has turned everything upside down, she scattered both my clothes and hers, the bed even the kitchen and everything looking for the money I think.

I acted like I don't know what is up, I asked her what is wrong and why is this house upside down she said she can't find her Weac and all her school certificate under the bed she kept it. ( in my mind I said, this girl is still lying on top of this whole thing, she has mind o, I only saw money and written paper, nothing like result in it) I didn't tell her.

I told her she should not be this mad because of results, by the way, she once told me her mother was with the duplicate, she said you won't understand babe, this one is the original, I said okay.

Well! My dear readers, I have joined my lovely roommate is looking for her missing results and other credentials, what are friends for? Meanwhile the half a million is still chilling in my account.



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