Uncertainty in Ruto’s Rally Today after KANU Supporters Throng His Rally Forcing Him to Intervene

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Ruto was forced to cut shot his speech and address KANU supporters head on as they attempted to take over his meeting which was charged. It all began when a crowd of KANU supporters carrying KANU's candidate placards stormed the meeting when Ruto and his allies were addressing the mammoth crowd which had gathered.

On noticing that things were getting out of place, the now infuriate Ruto grabbed the microphone and ordered them to respect the meeting since he was the one who had organised it and therefore demanded they leave if they did not want to be addressed by the UDA battalion.

The crowd however turned a deaf year on his remarks continuing with their chants for the KANU leader who is a staunch supporter of Raila Odinga in the 2022 polls. Ruto is currently wooing the mount Kenya region to support his presidency in the 2022 election.

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