Wajackoya Names A County Where He Will Grow Marijuana And Gives The Reasons Behind That County

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Roots party presidential candidate George Luchiri Wajackoya yesterday night launched his 10 key points where he will focus if he wins August nine general elections. According to Wajackoya first thing he will do is to make sure that marijuana is legal and it will be used as export and for medicinal purposes.

Wajackoya identified Nyeri county as one of counties where he will grow marijuana which will be cash crop if he wins fourth coming elections. He decided to choose Nyeri county because according to him Nyeri is one of counties which are fertile and also the temperature and rainfall around Nyeri is favorable for growth of Marijuana. This was according to Wajackoya and also if he plants Marijuana it will enable Kenya to pay its debt which is almost ten trillion.

Wajackoya also said that in his government he won't entertain corrupt leaders and he will use strategies to make sure that he ends corruption's. Below is a YouTube link with evidence from 10.16 minute to 12.05 minute of the video.


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