Many Chinese People Do This Every Night To Their Legs, See The Benefits

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The history of foot baths 

In China, it is customary to bathe your feet. Chinese people like to soak their feet in hot water every night before bedtime. They believe that soaking their feet will help them sleep better by washing away the day's weariness. 

Foot bathing has been practiced in China for many years. The first Chinese medicine book, "Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon," was written almost 2000 years ago, and it addressed the importance of foot health. 

The health benefits of foot soaking in various seasons were outlined by Sun Si Miao (541-682 A.D.), a Chinese medicine practitioner renowned as "the king of medicine." In the spring, foot bathing tones the yang and prevents qi depletion; in the summer, foot bathing removes dampness and heat; in the fall, foot bathing strengthens the lungs and improves intestinal processes; and in the winter, foot bathing warms the Dan Tian (energy center). 

Long-term health advantages of foot baths include: 

1. They help people to feel less tired. 

Foot fatigue is a common condition that occurs after long periods of standing or walking. This could overwork your foot muscles, causing painful cramps and long-term discomfort. A hot water foot bath can aid to improve blood circulation as well as relax the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the feet. 

2. Relax the mind and sleep better 

"The foot is our second heart." Bathing our feet can help us calm our brains while also improving heart function. We can fall asleep more easily if we have a relaxed mind. 

3. Lower your blood pressure levels. 

After fifteen minutes of foot bathing, our peripheral blood vessels widen, lowering blood pressure. Regular foot bathing (3–4 years) may help to lessen the need for blood pressure medication. 

4. Make your skin healthier and more attractive. 

By massaging the feet during a foot bath, you can stimulate hormone secretion and promote skin health. A hot foot soak may also cause some sweating. Sweat can help the body rid itself of heavy metals and toxic toxins. 

5. It is necessary to strengthen muscles and bones. 

Regular foot bathing improves blood circulation, allowing more nutrients to reach the feet. Muscles and bones in the feet can be properly nourished and strengthened.

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